We can offer full range of batterries to you to suit your specification requirements !

Some of our Products include as below :-

•  N cells (200mAh capacity)

•  4/3 N cells (700mAh capacity)

•  2/3AAA cells (280mAh capacity)

•  3/4AAA cells (400mAh capacity)

•  AAA cells (250 to 600mAh capacity)

•  5/4AAA cells (700mAh capacity)

•  6/4AAA cells (900mAh capacity)

•  7/4AAA cells (800 to 900mAh capacity)

•  2/3AA cells (300 to 600mAh capacity)

•    4/5AA cells (600 to 1100mAh capacity)

•  AA cells (600 to 1400mAh capacity)

•  7/5AA cells (1500 to 1600mAh capacity)

•  2/3A cells (600 to 1000mAh capacity)

•  4/5A cells (1100 to 1500mAh capacity)

•  A cells (1200 to 2000mAh capacity)

•  4/3A cells (1800 to 2500mAh capacity)

•  2/3SC cells (700mAh capacity)

•  SC cells (1200 to 2700mAh capacity)

•  5/4SC cells (3000 to 3300mAh capacity)

•  C cells (1200 to 3000mAh capacity)

•  1/2D cells (2500mAh capacity)

•  D cells (4000 to 6000mAh capacity)

•  3/2D cell (8000mAh capacity)

•  Ni-MH button cells in different sizes with capacity range from 15mAh to 330mAh

•  We provide any kind of battery packs of the following cells in various combination & configuration with different types of tags or plugs

Contact us now with your requirements for best quotes!





Rechargeable Cylindrical Lithium Ion Cell w/Charge Voltage of 4.20V



Rechargeable Cylindrical Lithium Ion Cell w/High Discharge Current






9V Series Rechargeable Batteries with Various Nominal Capacities



NI-CD and NI-MH battery packs for cordless phone






Reliable Ni-CD and Ni-MH Button Cells with Good Leakageproof Function



ALKALINE WITH BLISTER PACKING High-Powered Dry-cell Batteries, Absolutely Free of Mercury and Cadmium


Lighting Products


We deal in all kinds of Lighting Products and can offer to suit your Budget and Quality Needs!






Energy Saving Lamps



Bulb Type Energy Saving Lamps






Energy Saving Lamps



Ordinary Fluorescent Tubes with Quality Approvals






SERIES T5-2 Straight-Type Fluorescent T5 Tubes with G5 Base for Emergent Light



Electronic Light Bulb Range of 2u, 3u and 4u Fluorescent Tube Types, OEM/ODM

Christmas / Holiday Lighting




Trendy net light.. and many more designs






Net Light



Rope Lights






Rice Lights



Pearl Lights






General Christmas Lights



Christmas Tree Light






Christmas Decoration



Christmas Tree light






American Flag... specially for Christmas !!!



A/V ElectronicProducts


We Offer Full Range of A/V Products such as Full Range VCD Players , DVD Players , RCR's and other Electronic A/V Products at the Most competetive prices!






Desktop VCD Player









Cassette recorders/players with CD player



Toys / Sporting Items






Glass Water Globes with Rose Flowers



The Pink bear....






Spider Man with sound



Plush brown bear with sound















Skating Shoes



Pogo Stick

Cookware & Houseware






Stainless Steel/Aluminum Pressure Cooker in Various Sizes



Power-Saving Electric Pressure Cookers w/Combined Cooking, Stewing and Braising Functions






Two in one Electric and Gas Stove



Party Items






Flashing Sticks



Party Flash Sticks

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